How many days in a row do I have to do this, to make you release PXM2!? It sets the Aspect Ratio of the Crop area. Captain Non-Obvious — No, my name was mentioned in post Loose the pros and win the gamers. If thats your only excuse for dropping pixelmator, do you really need and or use it a lot? Yeah, new type tool, yeah! Bernd Who needs layer styles?

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Originally there was a lot more skilled required to get the end product and it was appreciated more-so for it — I even remember doing paste-up, using compugraphic typesetters to output galleys of text and using letraset!

I know, not optimal. Thanks for the answers!

Pixelmator Blog

For existing Pixelmator users who purchased the app from the Mac App Store, the new version is available as a free upgrade. Ed Glasheen Duffman It looks chameelon you used a.

But seriously, in every single goddamn update thread Saulius posts, there are lots of people asking for layer styles, and Saulius never comments on the feature.

I pixe,mator save a document on my hard drive, and then it will only save versions. I feel the content aware is on par with Photoshop, the red eye is spot on and the rest of the new tools are great. pixelmator 2.0 chameleon


Pixelmator Launches on Mac App Store – Pixelmator Blog

I pixelmator 2.0 chameleon think that using styles would be a better approach. Since I pixelnator pretty sure you are working hard to fix reported bugs and improve things, is it possible to have an estimation of the first bug fix release? I can only see two things missing at the moment: I have only one suggestion for Pixelmator 2.

I cant install this software i already bought. Today, we are releasing Pixelmator 2. Just 1 thing to add to the MAS stuff. For a fraction of the dev cost?

Pixelmator Team Unveils Pixelmator 2.0 Chameleon

You guys deserve a lot of success. Why I am saying that? I simply pixelmator 2.0 chameleon it. If not, they could definitely merge these options together. Are you looking forward to the upgrade?

How many days in a row do I have to do this, to make you release PXM2!? Saulius Dailide Whew — finally did it. This is a macintosh product only, and always will be. It seems to have vanished. Not going to buy them if it requires a MAS account. November 22, Pixelmator 2. Richard Pixelmator Product Management: I know that is not possible to satisfy all the customers needs but I look at this situation and I think they have made a mistake.


Duffman I pixelmator 2.0 chameleon you at least check out their support forums for your gradient issue, and perhaps make a topic for the healing tool…. Once again, for the Nth time, even professional graphic designers have asked for the feature, so I was just curious as to whether even you, hamsta, might finally have pulled your head out of your ass judging by your lack of whining.

I know its silly but its the one feature I miss the most from PS. Neither do McDonalds have a minimum standard dress code for people who eat in their restaurant, nor do they tell customers to refrain from playing loud music, pixelmator 2.0 chameleon bringing their own food in or sitting in the place drinking one coffee for more than one hour and using their free wifi. Duffman Ok, just trying few things.

Each time I see people saying not, they come with real facts and real world usage….