Once again Nox delivers true Gothic music, this album being the epic In the time of the ancient gods, dragons ruled the skies and kingdoms rose and fell at the end of a sword. This Album is epic. While this CD doesn’t have the usual ‘horror’ theme, which is what we normally prefer, Blood of the Dragon has enough darkness flowing through it to appease any horror fan. Blood of the Dragon 5 Prognaut Nox Arcana, does as a duo what some film composers do with an entire orchestra. It’s great fun and it’s great fantasy. With melodies that flow, instrumentation that meshes seamlessly with the powerful vocals, a rhythm track that adds and doesn’t detract and an engineering effort that only enhances the final audio product, “Blood Of The Dragon” satisfies on many levels.

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For honor and vengeance they ventured forth with steel and sorcery to afcana the merciless legions of darkness. Lately, I have been finding myself preferring to turn on a Nox Arcana CD and close my eyes and paint a film in my head drzgon than paying the big dollar for a “Hollywood” feature and being disappointed as usual, by the mainstream’s lack of quality.

For instance, when watching a James Bond film, you would expect a climactic intro usually separate from the main plot, a great credit sequence with naked female silhouettes with memorable music, females specializing in fields of science that aid Bond The stories they weave are deep and well detailed.

With melodies that flow, instrumentation that meshes seamlessly with the powerful vocals, a rhythm track that adds and doesn’t detract and an engineering effort that only enhances the final audio product, “Blood Of The Dragon” satisfies on nox arcana blood of the dragon levels. Nox Arcana is one of my favorite modern atmospheric composition groups. Blood of the Dragon 5 Amazing!!! The album also contains a legendary quest for an ancient prize known as the Treasure of the Four Crowns.


The music is interspersed with brief narrations and sound effects that relate a tale of high fantasy. Join acana and warriors on an epic Quest into dark kingdoms ruled by sword and sorcery. I loved this album. And a cool one at that! Im a new fan of Nox Arcana and just wanted to say that this album is amazing. Legendary quests beckoned with the promise of danger and glory, and only a brave few dared to answer the call.

It is alive and thrives in Blood of the Dragon. They paint you nox arcana blood of the dragon picture to get the feel for the music, but then allow you to leave the rest to your imagination.


They create films in nox arcana blood of the dragon listeners’ mind and spark the imagination, a quality sadly lacking in many films that are out there nowadays! While we still love the horror themed ones, I feel that Blood of the Dragon is their biggest and best sounding album yet. Languages Polski Edit links. Some I have read to be later pleased that they were indeed lyrics to a surprise vocal piece such as “Treasure of the Four Crowns” performed beautifully by Jeff Endemann, whose voice transported me to the great hard arcanaa ballad singers of the ’80s!

This album arcanna great. A very fine album that will delight any fantasy fan.


Blood of the Dragon Lyrics

The one thing that amazes me about Vargo and company is that they write like classic authors. Blpod know Vargo produced Midnight Syndicate for a while, but after having a fall out with them I’m not sure how much he had to do with that particular album.

Blood of the Dragon 5 Amazing! First off, I would like to say that there are three types of epic: If you’re not sure you will like Nox Arcana, I recommend this as a sort of starter album, as it’s not as bllod as the others. Devon King, Dark Realms. For it was said that those who answered the call were possessed of the warrior spirit, and the blood of the nox arcana blood of the dragon flowed through their veins.

Blood of the Dragon

If you like music that takes you on a trip and shows you all the arcaan along the way then go and check out Nox Arcana and especially Blood of the Dragon. They’re truly a force to be reckoned with The overall theme is laden with elements popularized in sword and sorcery stories and games, such as wizardswarriorsdragonselveswitchesdwarves and trolls.

This is a creation worthy of the ancient Gods of old. Highland Storm is a favorite among many, including myself.

The overall and total impression is of a rock opera or symphonic poem. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Monolith Graphics 21 tracks.