Once Moo Mapper has loaded you’ll be presented with a window similar to the one below. Thanks for the help. IDE like in the picture below. It has been developed for the purpose of modifying maps in recent Grand Theft Auto series games for the PC. I have no idea then; it could just be a bug with your current hardware setup.

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Posted March 9, Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks.

Moo Mapper (free) download Windows version

Sign in Already have an account? Posted August 22, IPL and tick the box in front of it.

Congratulations you’ve just finished this tutorial. We’re going to be using the IDEs and secondary view to locate an object we want. Choosing which moo mapper 0.90, in this case we want Vice City. Download Moo Mapper Beta. Phat Fingers im having that exact problem but what u mean by ur vice city folder.


I have no idea then; it could just be a bug with your current hardware setup. Practice moving and adding things, and you’ll soon be a pro. You can’t big bear, you will unfortunately need to reinstall. Posted September 6, As shown in the picture below.

The rest pretty much explains itself. Sign In Sign Up. Ok lets begin, first switch to the IDE tab and click on generic. Packed Column Calculator Science Tools. At the top you’ll see a group of buttons.

I used to have this problem, until I changed my gfx card. What gfx card have got atm, as it may not be good enough to support this mode in Moo Mapper?

Bet Angel – Basic Investment-Tools. IPL not the tick box. It features an easy-to-use interface that allows the user to create their own map modifications for Grand Theft Auto as well as moo mapper 0.90 existing maps such as the cities that are featured in the game. The following files failed to save: 0.0 going to ma;per some trees. And then move onto the next part. Once thats done you might not be able to see anything.


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Posted April 23, Please add a comment explaining moo mapper 0.90 reasoning behind your vote. Practice with that for a while until you’ve got the hang of it. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Since you will be using the Item Editor quite a bit, I’d thought I’d mo it in a bit of detail. Ok now find the white building in the picture below.