Farhad Darya – Khodam in so dilam ansoi darya 2: I guess you got that all completely wrong. Behnam Safavi – Daste Khodam Nist 2: More translations of “man az khodame”. I changed it to Persian. Ali Abdolmaleki – – Nafas Bekesh 3: Login or register to post comments.

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Mahasti Man az khodame

Ali Abdolmaleki – Bazam Delam Gerefteh 3: Meysam Abdolmaleki – Dast Bar Dar mahasti man az khodame Behnam Safavi – Daste Khodam Knodame 2: Ali Abdolmaleki – Hey 3: Login or register to post comments.

Actually this is in fact an English translation, but the transliteration from Persian needs to be removed. Ali Abdolmaleki – Azab Vojdan Original 4: Ali Abdolmaleki – Eyde Bi To 5: Ali Abdolmaleki – Harf Nazan 3: Ali Abdolmaleki – Nabze Jasad mahastj Ali Abdolmaleki – Music New 2: Ali Abdolmaleki – Bazam Delam 3: Ali Abdolmaleki – Delakam [ live in Abadan ] 5: Ali Abdolmaleki – Hatta 3: Ali abdolmaleki – Khoda nashnas 4: Thanks a lot for translating it to English!


Ali AbdolmalekI – Hey To 4: Ali abdolmaleki – By Gasan 2: Ali AbdolMaleki – Mosaferam Remix 2: This is not the english translation, it is Persian written in Latin letters or let say Khodaje. Ali Abdolmaleki – Cheshmaye man 28 6 3: Dive into the South Asian philosophy through Indian classical music.

Ali Abdolmaleki – – Nafas Bekesh 3: This is not some kind of harassment.

Man az khodame (Mahasti) – PersianChord

Ali Abdolmaleki – Man Az Khodame 4: Ali Abdolmaleki – Geryeh Nakon 3: Ali Abdolmaleki – Hey Tow 3: Add new translation Add new request. Ali Abdolmaleki – Zood Rafti 3: The Epoch of Romanticism Get a taste of the most beloved and fruitful music period.

The Epoch of Romanticism. Ali Abdolmaleki – Doret Begard 3: Ali Abdolmaleki – Otagh kandesh hawramy 3: Get a taste of the most beloved and fruitful music period. Ali Abdolmaleki – Nafas Bekesh 3: