Unlimited LAN workstations to edit databases at the same time, while the studio is on-air. In that case, appears your main message, which is called “alternative”. More than radio stations worldwide. Radio stations that use traditional hardware for music playback but need cart replacement software. We strongly don’t recommend to use external soundcard. If you need more information or you are troubleshooting click here. Every element can be categorized so it can be easy to find.

jazler radio automation software

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Help Center Video Tutorials Manuals. Note that we recommend you to turn UAC User Account Control off on Windows to prevent strange behavior of the program, or always run the program under Administrator privileges.

Jazler Software announces the withdrawal of Jazler SimplePack.

Advanced Autokation Rotation Scheduling The scheduler rqdio RS2 is designed and based on the clock system, where you can create clocks and then program them what time to be active and play. Preview the Spot Breaks, once you have previously selected the date and time, the playlist will be loaded. Mass change of categories, properties, file locations You can mass change lots of properties just by clicking on songs with either Ctrl or Shift. Supersearch also has the ability to search in the songs like a search machine, searching the whole database to find a matching result Name, Title, Album, Songwriter, Composer.

Jazler RadioStar II Radio Automation

Can be used as softaare program out, or helper for television studios providing content to television channels. This is the best advertisment for our company.


jazler radio automation software

The studio screen now hosts a browser for direct playback of audio files without softawre need of importing them into the database. Customers who slftware this product also bought. Jazler also automatically cues the files to avoid silence.

You can play up to 6 audio files at the same time. Our target group is small and medium markets that need a stable system with lots of capabilities and in low cost. Every element can be categorized so it can be easy to find.

Adjusts automatically to screen resolution.

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The special collect button enables you to play jingles and effects from different palettes simultaneously. Lots of enhancements and new features.

Support Information Technical support is given only for the versions currently online and only to customers. If you are evaluating the software, please send xoftware your feedback. Jazler has the full features of an automation, like programmable playlistscommercialsbumpersprogrammable and manual graphicsprogrammable and manual pass-through of up to three video lines where you can also add graphics to themaudio leveling with either a compressor or AGC.

Jazler Radio Automation

Softtware almost all audio cards with either software or hardware mixing. Jazler RS2 RDS is able to announce automatically, date, time, the song and the artist of each song, that is on air now. Jazler Software development is one of the best radio automation software companies in Greece and Cyprus with thousands of radio stations trusting Jazler for their daily program.


About us Company Partners Why choose us? Get 2 RadioStar licenses for your playout system, SpyCOrder to stream and record your station and JazlerShow2 to have hundrends instants and sound effects to play with.

jazler radio automation software

Jazler is the new video automation platformbased on the Jazler RadioStar interface and logic, so it is music-channel friendly, but works effortlessly for main content television channels too. We recommend automtion use an internal soundcard. Prices are in Euro currency. The next generation of Jazler’s video automation. You have no restrictions on the number of the Workstations that will be installed.

jazler radio automation software

Jazler also gives you the right to playout your instant jingles on a third sound card, so you can adjust your volume live from your mixing console rado, during live assist. By clicking the clear button you will be able to delete the password for the above features in case that you forgot sftware. If you need more information or you are troubleshooting click here. Resellers can support you in your local language and help you setup your system easily.

Demo version of Jazler VideoStar 2 works for two hours.

A brand new algorithm finds cue points in less than half a second for each song, avoiding awkward air silences.