I wanted to play 02jam so much after the official server in our country had stopped catering it to its gamers. But I was surprised that i have Gaussian Blur in the 19th song pack.. I already down o2mania. U can release each song daily…weekly…. First, thank you for the uploading!

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Cheers and more power to you! I also uploaded the O2mania offline version and english version here http: I hope u could update until pack26…haha. PAK recommended to have? Thx for o2mania i been searching for 1 month liaoXD lame….

Go hell o2mania, thanks alot for the guides to download the o2mania and song packs. The time now is You shud go check in the single song download post which I had linked in this post o.

May nahanap na akong download site ng songs. Anyone can help me.

O2Jam/O2Mania Song Lists

It O2Jam but Private Server. Does anybody knows where can hel download that song.? Just wanted to say thanks for o2mania and the song packs, nice convenient links that actually work and are quite fast.


Check out this website: Go check now lol. I have a 2.

O2Jam/O2Mania Songs Pack

Used to get addicted with this back in school. Serene can u tell ur email again plox? Pack 5 is dead! Jell is the difference between the 26 packs and the 22 packs? Oh damn identity part 2 songs like crap when i play it now: All times are GMT Hey juz call go hell o2mania Sleep im finding some animes song so it will help me if u can giv me a link or something.

I was wondering is there the song Euphorium within the ojm packs. Thanks a lot dude for uploading this file. U can release each song daily…weekly…. So yeah, direct them to applejunk.

O2Jam/O2Mania Song Lists

Find More Posts by NekoGon. O2Jam Offline I remember when I found 02Mania, the only thing I don’t like is that you don’t get a final score screen. Is it in the song packs? I hope this helps anyone.

Read through the comments before asking anything, else your comment will be ignored. Re-uploaded, re-linked and re-activated all links below! I go hell o2mania been looking for something like this few days ago since suddenly O2mamia am longing to play all the O2Jam songs way back before they stupidity shutted down the MY server.


Duel O2 Version [Available in applejunk. Ya when got free time I upload some of the songs to u to post here. This web site was rock to give 5 start.