When you single click the tool size preview you are prompted to enter a percentage value for the tool size. Corrected the result of merging groups that existed within semi-opaque groups, the merged result is now at the correct opacity for the original group, not that of its semi-opaque parent. Jan 23rd, Freeware. Fixed a problem that was causing spotty results in the trailing edge of an airbrush stroke when running with Mouse Mode on. Fixed a bug that caused artifacting when moving a canvas that had been rotated 90 degrees. These let artists from both traditional and digital backgrounds paint without having to learn digital tricks to get realistic results. ArtRage is a stylish, intuitive painting and drawing package that makes it easy to produce natural looking artwork on your computer.

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Released 13th September, The ArtRage Community is a great place to share tips and tricks and ask questions about technique. Corrected some errors in the shortcut keys listed in the manual. ArtRage Starter Edition 2.

Frequently Asked Questions are also addressed on that page.

ArtRage Starter Edition Download (Free) – ArtRage 2 Starter

When you single click the tool size preview you are prompted to enter a percentage value for the tool size. Digital Art Software Ambient Design is a New Zealand based software development company specializing in creative tools for artists. Thank you for rating the program! Fixes a bug that prevented the Wacom Edition from running on Windows Vista. This free program was originally produced by Ambient Design.


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This option can be found in the Tool Controls Panel when the Pencil is selected. The demo has been discontinued and has been replaced by the ArtRage Demo versions. Use the Import To Layer option etarter the File menu.

Fixed a bug that artrage 2.6 starter edition artifacting when moving a canvas that had been rotated 90 degrees. These can be customized, in the sense that you can adjust their size, as well as the pressure.

The Mouse wheel on a mouse, or the Zoom Strip on Wacom Intuos 3 tablets can now be used to zoom the canvas. Fixed a problem with printing whereby a black box would be printed on output with some older print drivers.

Improved Memory Management Memory use has been improved so that large documents with multiple layers use significantly less memory than in version 2. Fixed a bug that was causing the wrong canvas grain to appear in the canvas grain sample when creating a new document. ArtRage Starter Edition General.

ArtRage 2 & ArtRage Starter Edition release history

Digital painting software free exe. I’m using a Wacom Intuos 3 under Xubuntu Bronze Latest Wine Version Tested: ArtRage now supports English, French, and German from the same install.


You and your students can paint with thinned oils, use wet or dry markers, soften the pencil and control the hardness of the crayon, and much more. Add to My Favorites.

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Fixed a bug that was causing incorrect updates in the canvas grain sample of the new file dialog when loading a custom grain. ArtRage now contains all of its resources internally artrage 2.6 starter edition OSX so you don’t need to store a folder alongside the application, you can just install ArtRage 2.

You can select your language from the Help menu. Improved Vista Support ArtRage 2. Fixed a bug in Paint Roller loading when using it at large sizes with low pressure values. Fixed a artrage 2.6 starter edition that caused multiple transparent layers edtion on top of each other to produce halos around dark strokes.

Fixed a bug that was causing the alpha value of the feathered edges of the airbrush to be lost when when exporting to a edifion PSD file. You can select arrtage language from the Help menu. You can also set the DPI resolution of your image.